Online catalogue for the XVIth Edition

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The online catalogue for the XVIth Edition of the Luis Valtueña International Humanitarian Photography Award is now available.  
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Open inscription to the XVI Edition of the International Prize of Humanitarian Photography Luis Valtueña

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The International Prize for Humanitarian Photography Luis Valtueña celebrates sixteen years. During this time, this contest has become an important referral for humanitarian photography both in Spain and at an international level, receiving more than 8,500 pictures from almost 3,000 photographers. Announced by Doctors of the World, this prize tries to foment the humanitarian and solitary values by the use of photography and serve, at the same time, as a testimony and denouncement of the situation in which disadvantaged populations find themselves. The deadline for inscription and sending the photographs is October 31st 2012 The Luis Valtueña Prize is celebrated annually in memory of Luis Valtueña, Flors Sirera, Manuel Madrazo and Mercedes Navarro: they were all aid workers for Doctors of the World who were killed in Rwanda in 1995 while working for humanitarian aid. Luis Valtueña was a professional Spanish photographer and worked as a reporter for Agencia Cover, hence why the prize carries his name. The first prize of this sixteenth edition is a working grant of 6,000 Euros. This amount will cover the necessary expenses to make a photographic report defined by Doctors of the World together with the winner. The grant which the winner receives has allowed, in prior editions, the production of works like the ones by Andrew McConnell, Irish photographer who, with his project “The Long Saharawi Night,” won the World Press Photo in the portrait category. Rule and Terms of Condition This contest is open to photographers, enthusiasts and professionals legal of age and of any nationality. The photographs have to relate to humanitarian aid, international cooperation or social exclusion (human rights violations, armed conflicts, natural disasters, indigenous or immigrant populations). Photographs that show solidarity attempts to build a better world will also be accepted. Each participant will have the possibility to submit up to ten (10) snapshots taken between 2011 and 2012. The full version of the terms and conditions of this contest are available here: The selected and winner snapshots will be part of the exposition of the XVI International Prize for Humanitarian Photography Luis Valtueña that will take place during 2013 in the main Spanish cities.
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Inauguration of the XV Luis Valtueña Humanitarian Photography Award

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The 15th edition Luis Valtueña International Humanitarian Photography Award took place yesterday at 8:00 pm, in La Casa Encendida . The inauguration was opened by José Guirao, director of La Casa Encendida; Miguel Falcones, president of Médicos del Mundo in Madrid; and Fernando Colomo, spanish film director. Nuria Navarro, Inmaculada Sirera and Fernando Valtueña relatives of  Médicos del Mundo  aid workers who were killed in Bosnia in 1995 and Rwanda in 1997 while they were working on humanitarian aid projects, were also present at the ceremony. This year, the exhibition shows 30 images that focus on climate change issues and the problems of refugees, such as the tsunami aftermath in Japan, the impact of climate change in Mongolia, Somali refugees in Dadaab camp, Pakistan’s Christian minority, asylum seekers and refugees in Greece and Burmese refugees in Thailand.   The exhibition is open until January 29th. Casa Encendida.  C/ Ronda de Valencia 2, Madrid Monday to Sunday, 10:00 to 22:00 Free admission
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