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Ghosts of the Sahara at Zaragoza

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The photograph exhibition “Ghosts of the Sahara”, winner of the most recent World Press Photo, is at the Joaquin Roncal Center from 3 to the 28 May. This photography project organized by Médicos del Mundo aims to translate into citizenship the concerns and hopes of the Sahrawi people living in refugee camps and in parts of the Western Sahara controlled by Morocco. Through the snapshots and testimonies compiled by the Irish photographer Andrew McConnell, winner of the 12th Luis Valtueña International Humanitarian Photography Prize, the exhibition shows how the Sahrawi people have been living in exile and under occupation for 34 years. “Ghosts of the Sahara” attempts to stir the visitor to shed light on the Sahrawi people and their territory so that they are not forgotten. In order to be able to see the photographs the visitor will have to shine a torch on them, which is provided at the entrance. By doing this visitors are invited to become involved and to play a part in ensuring that the Sahrawi people do not remain invisible. Free entry Date: From 3 to 28 May  Venue: Joaquín Roncal Center of Zaragoza C/San Braulio, 5-7, Zaragoza Open: mondays to fridays from 18h to 21h and saturdays from 11h to 13:30h and from 18h to 21h
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14th Luis Valtueña International Humanitarian Photography Prize

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The exhibition of the 14th Luis Valtueña International Humanitarian Photography Prize is at the Centro Joaquín Roncal in Zaragoza from 9 March to 2 April. For the latest competition, for which over 1,500 photographs were received from 27 countries, the jury awarded first prize to Fernando Moleres from Bilbao for his work “Children in African Prisons” portraying children detained in Sierra Leone prisons. Moleres’ photographs are part of an ambitious project carried out in Sierra Leone prisons which present the reality of a crowded prison system where children are most vulnerable and suffer the worst conditions. Visitors can also see the short-listed photographs of the aftermath of the Haiti earthquake by Ricardo Venturi and of violence in Latin America by Javier Arcenillas, as well as a total of 40 snapshots reflecting disasters which nobody speaks about. Free entry Date: From 9 March to 2 April Place: Centro Joaquín Roncal – San Braulio 5-7. 50003 Zaragoza Open: Monday to Friday 6 pm until 9 pm and Saturday 11 am until 1.30 pm and 6 pm until 9 pm Tel.: 976 29 03 01  
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